Hi :-). We wanted to take a minute to tell you about The 4ge (it’s pronounced “the forge”). I am Dr. David Smaldone, BsDc Chiropractor, with a degree in Athletic Training. I am a father, husband, coach, and an author. Our foundation for this company is the production of the world’s most unique, high-quality performance supplements, based on scientific research. Most of our products nobody has been crazy enough to make because of the sheer cost to make them. We have zero interest in producing the 99% of junk products out there, which have ingredients in them that, if you knew about them, would make you never sleep again.

To be truthful, I almost didn't even want to start The 4ge. It may sound funny, but hey, I am just being HONEST, and that's what this company is about. I saw an industry riddled with companies slipping steroids into supplements and flat out lying, half-truthing, omitting ingredients,  and promoting low-quality products. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Thus I found myself buying raw ingredients and mixing them myself. By the end of it, my kitchen looked like a lab. You should also know my wife is a Virgo (all that needs to be said). My kitchen was still a mess even with the little white jars my wife purchased.

All of a sudden I started meeting with NYC designers and lab corporations, and reaching out to some of the best coaches in the world, hoping to lift up an industry so tarnished. I have been working for five years to produce The 4ge.

We are totally obsessed and passionate to the max. Our goal, to produce the purest and cleanest products on the market. There are no artificial food colorings, flavors, or sucralose. Period. People talk the talk, but when money comes on the line, they will do anything to profit from you. We take care of our people and our products like family.