Battle Axe by The 4ge ©-Preworkout-The 4ge
Battle Axe by The 4ge ©-Preworkout-The 4ge Battle Axe 4 in 1 pre, intra, pump,nox
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When I designed this product I sat back and said, "if I was to make the ultimate workout product after 18 years in the sports field, with no budget, what would it look like?" After that, I decided to go ahead and make it and what we ended up with is a first of its kind.  It’s a Pre workout, intra workout, NO2 booster, and pump amplifier (P.I.N.P).  I know because I’ve used it!  Designed to drink 5 minutes before workout and sipped through the workout, it’s meant to be mixed with a 1/4 to 1/2 gallon of water. DO NOT take more than one scoop under any circumstances. If your tolerance is low or you are sensitive take 1/2 scoop to start. If you’re looking for an amp-up right from the start of your workout you could drink it all at once as well.

This is a huge serving;  almost 33grams which is double to quadruple the size of most pre-workout supplements, with no junk BCAA’s in it ( FYI: BCAA's are made usually from junk fillers; for example, human hair, chicken claws, human nails). So when you minus the BCAA from other supplements you are left with just minute amounts of the good stuff. Our product is specifically designed to give you an amazing workout. 

P.I.N.P is designed as a fusion of the right dosing for a Pre-workout, intra workout, NO2 booster, pump amplifier to feed your muscles to the max and make you feel just unreal muscle pumps.

This supplement is designed to take you up nicely and down nice and smoothly with no crashing. The taste is mild and you will notice no color because there is no garbage in there. Just pure fuel for your body.

Normally, all these items would cost you over $120 and take up lots of shelf space. We have designed our products to be clean and look ultra sleek on your counter top or in your home. No more ugly containers. Just add our Trident protein and a carb snack after your workout and you’re set. 

1) The preworkout ingredients act to vasodialate your muscles. That means more blood and fullness to your muscles.

2) The NO2 boosting ingredients boost the oxygen  and nitrogen carrying abilities of the blood. This, in turn, allows your muscles to perform better.

3) The intra work out is a highly complex carb (cyclic dextrin) that  feeds your body during your workout to maximize energy and focus, while also keeping glucose levels even throughout the workout.

4). Pump amplification: A "Perfect Pump" is the feeling of a full muscle when working out.  You can actually feel the muscle hardening and thickening with blood. This feeling is created by the the combination of all the above in 1,2,3.

We spared no expense to make this for you. It is an amazing product, period. I hope you enjoy it.

Flavor This year is Dragon's blood. A very mild punch with low acidity. We produce very few products but what we do make we try to make the absolute best.







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