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This is the ultimate male and female Pre workout, intra workout, NO2 booster, and pump amplifier (P.I.N.P) which was formulated specifically for a maintence or bulking phase. It’s the very first of its kind.  I know I invented it. You drink it 5 minutes before workout and sip it through the workout. It’s meant to be mixed with a 1/4 to 1/2 gallon.

P.I.N.P is the designed as a fusion of the right dosing as a Pre-workout, intra workout, NO2 booster, pump amplifier to feed your muscles to the max and make just unreal muscle pumps.

Normally all these item would cost you over $120 and tons of shelf space. We make ultra products for clean and looks sleek in your house and counter top. No more 1 million ugly containers on you counter top.  Just add protein and a small carb snack after your workout and your done. 

1)The preworkout ingredients act to vasodialate your muscles. Which means more blood and fullness to you muscles.

2)The NO2 boosting ingredients boost the oxygen carrying abilities of the blood. This in turn allows you muscle to perform better.

3) the intra work out is a highly complex carb (cyclic dextrin) that  feeds your body during your workout to maximize energy and focus. While also keeping glucose levels even throughout the workout.

4). Pump amplification: A "Perfect Pump" is the feeling of a full muscle when working out.  You can actually feel the muscle hardening and thick with blood. This feeling is created by the the combination of all the above in 1,2,3.

We spared no expense to make this for you. It is an amazing product, period. I hope you enjoy







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