Broad Sword ©-Preworkout-The 4ge
$55.00 $80.00

This is our house made formula that is used as a pre-workout, weight loss, and anti-catabolic (anti-muscle loss) supplement. If you were to buy all these products for the ultimate mass “potion” it would cost well upwards of $80. We have done the impossible and made the ultimate pre-workout cocktail for you. We design ultra grade products to save space and provide you with a sleek look for your counter top without the clutter that multiple products would create. 





DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. Must be over 18 to use. Before starting any new products you should be seen by a healthcare provider to clear you for usage of these specific products. By not doing so you risk your own health and you also wave liability to "the 4ge llc" by not doing this. Do not start any products without consultation of your physician. All products should not be taken if you have or have a chance of heart, lung,immune, arterial issues, and digestive issues.