The Art and Science of Muscle Growth-ebook-The 4ge

Time and Time again Mounir has proven to be a quality reference for information on exercise. Here is a small Blurb from his hit book, "The Art and Science of Muscle Growth". 


My name is Mounir Azegra. I'm the founder of and an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

As a teenager, I never was the fittest kid in class or the most muscular. I wanted to change the way I look and improve my overall fitness. Like most people when they start working out, I got most of my information from fitness forums and YouTube channels.

Initially, my progress was okay. But after my first 6 months of training, I found myself stuck for over a year. I trained 5x a week doing drop-sets, supersets, giant sets, and much more “advanced training tools”, with little to show for it.

As I got more conscious about the fact that most of the fitness information on the web is false, I did my own research. In the last couple of years, I spent most of my time reading scientific studies about training, nutrition, workout performance, and general health.

Once I implemented an evidence-based approach to my training and nutrition, I finally made great progress. Now it’s clear my "poor genetics" were not the issue. Lack of useful and trustworthy information was holding me back.