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First of all from the moment your open this the smell will blow your socks off. You can just smell the purity of it, literally! Here is a question. do you like vanilla cake? Most people do. But cant stand the way vanilla shakes taste. its because they try to use chemicals to replace real vanilla because they are cheap. This product uses real vanilla in the flavoring. It tastes smooth with zero after taste. We believe one scoop of pure protein is worth 50g of most junk proteins.*

The Trident is legendary in Greek mythology as the ultimate weapon wielded by Poseidon himself. The trident was also the inspiration for our logo design and the 4 symbol in it! This protein is the corner stone to our supplement line because of the vast knowledge and basis from which it was created.*

This protein uses GRASS - FED whey protein isolate, which is crucial. Studies have indicated that increased rates of the hormone estrogen are seen in non grass-fed cattle. This translates into increased levels of estrogen in their milk. Milk comes from beef, whey comes from milk. Since both studies of milk and beef have indicated these increased estrogenic properties, we refuse to use anything but grass fed whey. Since research has yet to study whey products for the presence or absence of estrogens we don't have the all the answer, however,  we would much rather protect our customers than to feed them whey (which they are drinking to build muscle) with estrogen in it.*

This product also has digestive enzymes to assist in the digestion of the whey isolate. It is important that this product is a isolate and not hydrolyzed because hydrolyzation does not maintain (i.e. destroys) micro fractions in the whey. Micro fractions  are things such as Lactoferrin, glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulins, Alpha-Lactalbumin etc. Micro fractions are linked to increased digestion, mood, toxin removal and inhibition of bacterial growth, according to American Dairy products institute.*

Our Protein has no sucralose (an artificial sweetener) which has been linked to numerous health concerns far far too vast to cover here. Please see research by : . 2013 Sep; 16(7): 399–451. Published online 2013 Nov 12. doi:  10.1080/10937404.2013.842523 In fact none of our products have sucralose period.

Our product weighs in at 90 calories with 1 gram of carbs, and 1 gram of fat making this ingredient profile ideal for a straight dose of protein to the body. This protein is amazing for people following a ketogenic diet or simply on the go who want an amazingly smooth quality protein powder to feed their body.*




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